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What We're Up To In 2023!

NITAP- New Films Added! 

            Kluskap Eliajek Mi'kmaq
Kluskap Creates The Mi'kmaq People 
            Created and Directed by 
                Tasha Ryne-Ramsay

Animatic: Kluskap Eliajeck Mi'kmaq
Animatic: Papuagen Unaqiatew Ulo'nug

      Papuagen Unaqiatew Ulo'nug
Celebration Tonight -Foundation of    Listuguj  Created and Directed 
by                      Brandon Mitchell

Ni'gweg Is Proud to Present  Tolayye! 

We are very happy to announce that Tolayye (Play in Wolastoqey) is now available on iTunes and coming soon to Android. This app teaches the Wolastoqey language. With funding assistance from Heritage Canada and a super talented crew we made a great game to be very proud of! Go Team Ni’gweg!

 Master 3 skill levels across 5 categories! Use these language warmups daily to keep your vocabulary strong. Supports the Passamaquoddy-Maliseett languages. Recommended for beginners to the language or young children!

Available on iPad & iPhone
Available on Google Play
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